The health and saftey of guests to the Evraz Place campus is of the utmost importance to REAL. All permit holders operating in the Co-Operators Center must be in compliance with the following guidelines.

Facility Users Will:

1. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should go straight home and contact HealthLine 811 for further guidance. If a patron is severely sick (e.g. difficulty breathing, chest pain, etc.), call 911.

2. The Co-operators Center’s primary doors on the east side of the facility are the only doors for entry and exit.

3. Athletes 18 years of age and under may continue practicing, conditioning and skills training in groups of eight or fewer, abiding by the required mask use and at least three metres of physical distancing between participants at all times.

4. All user groups are asked to arrive at the facility no earlier than thirty (30) minutes before their scheduled time. If they arrive early, they will be required to wait outside while observing physical distancing until thirty (30) minutes prior to their scheduled time.

5. All teams are required to exit the dressing rooms within fifteen (15) minutes after their scheduled rental time has ended.

6. Dressing rooms are available for team use. User groups are expected to maintain physical distancing in the dressing rooms. If physical distancing cannot be maintained or is unpredictable, a face mask should be worn.

7. Parents and other spectators must not total more than the maximum gathering limits (30 people) per team at each game/activity and must ensure physical distancing between non-household members.

8. Spectators must maintain distancing of at least two metres from other members of the public. Spectators (excluding parents and guardians where necessary for player support) should be kept out of participant spaces (e.g. dressing room hallways, benches).

9. Spectators must utilize the perimeter surrounding the boards inside of the arenas for viewing only. Spectators are asked to avoid congregating in front of the dressing rooms to avoid congestion.

10. For the safety of our fellow athletes as well as REAL cleaning staff during this health pandemic, please refrain from spitting in the players benches, penalty boxes, dressing rooms and floors. Our staff is cleaning all of these spaces following each rental. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a $25 fine to be charged to the permit holder, and possible cancellation of future ice rentals.

11. Main floor washrooms will be fully operational and cleaned frequently.

12. No single group on the ice surface shall exceed eight (8) athletes. Coaches are not included in the eight (8).

13. If physical distancing cannot be maintained or is unpredictable, a mask should be worn by those not participating in the activity (i.e. spectators, coaches, volunteers, etc.).

REAL will :

1. REAL will clean all player benches and rink board gates. There will be fifteen (15) minutes allotted between groups to perform thorough disinfecting of facility spaces.

2. REAL has implemented intensified cleaning and disinfecting procedures including more frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

3. The Co-operators Center’s Guest Services desk will be open to assist with any inquiries guests may have.